What is 3LCD, you ask?

Well, in short, 3LCD is the technology that powers the majority of all education, business, and home theater projectors.

3LCD is a sophisticated, innovative technology that utilizes 3 chips to deliver Bright images, Natural images and easy on the eyes for the most demanding audiences.

For those of you who are into the nitty-gritty details, click here for our Projector Structure.


3 Chip LCD Technology

3-Chip LCD Technology

  • A light source projects white light onto a combination of mirrors that split the light into its three basic video colours.
  • Each LCD chip takes the electrical signal it receives and creates an image.
  • The three colour images are combined using a prism to form a full-colour image consisting of millions of colours.
  • The vibrant, full-colour image passes through a lens and is projected onto a screen.